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IT Support Specialist

What does an IT Support Specialist do?

An IT Support Specialist is responsible for installing software, preparing computer workspaces, and addressing daily technical problems.

Median National Salary*: $49,770

Annual Job Postings*: 380,100+

Job Growth Above Natl Avg*: 28%

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Network Specialist

What does an Network Specialist do?

A Network Specialist manages and maintains the company's internal servers, desktop computers, and other network-connected devices.

Median National Salary*: $80,600

Annual Job Postings*: 135,900+

Job Growth Above Natl Avg*: 3%

Recommended Certifications

Cyber Specialist

What does a Cybersecurity do?

A Cybersecurity Professional identifies vulnerabilities, monitors for cyber threats, and enacts protective measures within an organization.

Median National Salary*: $102,600

Annual Job Postings*: 189,100+

Job Growth Above Natl Avg*: 253%

Recommended Certifications

Source: CompTIA | Lightcast | U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Note: Many factors influence salaries, including location, job level, specialty skills and years of experience. Job posting figures are for the 12-month period ending October 2022 and serve as a proxy for employer demand. *The 10-year projected job growth above the national average rate covers 2022-2032.

Certifications We Offer

The ITF+ certification is a unique pre-career certification aimed at students and individuals considering a career change. It serves as a tool to assess whether they have an aptitude for information technology (IT) and if IT is the right career path for them.

ITF+ is distinctive in that it is the only certification covering all foundational areas of IT. This comprehensive coverage makes it especially suitable for non-technical professionals seeking a broad understanding of IT.

Additionally, ITF+ plays a crucial role in establishing an educational framework for IT studies in both secondary and post-secondary educational settings.

The A+ certification is a foundational credential in the IT industry, tailored for individuals at the start of their IT career journey. It is recognized for its comprehensive coverage of essential IT skills, making it an ideal choice for those new to the field.

Unique in its scope, A+ encompasses a broad range of IT topics. This includes hardware, software, operating systems, and basic networking, providing a well-rounded educational experience. Its extensive coverage is particularly beneficial for those seeking a versatile understanding of IT fundamentals.

In addition to its role in individual career development, A+ is crucial in shaping the educational landscape of IT. It serves as a key stepping stone in both secondary and post-secondary IT education, setting a standard for foundational IT knowledge. For anyone considering a career in IT, or seeking to validate their IT skills, A+ offers a solid and respected benchmark.

The Network+ certification is a globally recognized credential in the field of IT networking, ideal for those pursuing a career in network infrastructure. It stands out as a comprehensive certification covering a wide range of networking concepts, making it a preferred choice for individuals looking to specialize in networking.

Network+ is unique in its broad approach, encompassing key areas such as network design, troubleshooting, operations, and security. This wide-ranging focus is especially beneficial for those seeking to gain an in-depth understanding of networking fundamentals in a single certification.

Furthermore, Network+ plays a vital role in the IT education ecosystem. It is often incorporated into secondary and post-secondary educational programs as a foundational networking certification. For individuals looking to demonstrate their networking expertise or for those considering a networking-focused IT career, Network+ provides a thorough and respected baseline of knowledge.

The Security+ certification is a globally recognized credential focusing on cybersecurity, essential for individuals aiming to specialize in this critical IT area. It is renowned for its comprehensive approach to covering various cybersecurity principles, making it an optimal choice for those seeking to understand or work in IT security.

Security+ is distinct in its extensive coverage of security topics. It delves into areas such as threat management, cryptography, security policies, and network access control. This breadth of knowledge is particularly advantageous for those aspiring to gain a deep understanding of cybersecurity in all its facets.

Moreover, Security+ serves as an influential element in IT security education. It is commonly integrated into IT curriculums at both the secondary and post-secondary levels, laying a foundation for advanced cybersecurity studies and practices. For individuals pursuing a cybersecurity career or looking to validate their security skills, Security+ offers a robust and authoritative benchmark in the field.

The CASP+ (CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner) certification is a prestigious credential designed for advanced IT professionals focusing on cybersecurity. It’s recognized for its depth and comprehensiveness in addressing high-level security issues, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to advance in the cybersecurity field.

CASP+ is unique due to its emphasis on advanced security concepts and its application in enterprise environments. It covers critical areas such as risk management, enterprise security architecture and operations, research and collaboration, and integration of enterprise security. This broad yet deep focus equips professionals with the knowledge to make complex security decisions and implement solutions in varied contexts.

Additionally, CASP+ plays a key role in shaping the path for high-level cybersecurity roles. It’s often a sought-after certification in IT security career progression, bridging the gap between intermediate-level knowledge and expert-level understanding. For IT professionals aspiring to senior roles in cybersecurity, CASP+ provides a comprehensive and challenging benchmark, underlining their expertise and strategic thinking in the field.

The CySA+ certification is a highly-regarded credential tailored for cybersecurity professionals focusing on operational security analysis. It stands out for its specialized approach to cybersecurity, particularly in threat detection and response, making it an excellent choice for those aiming to develop expertise in cybersecurity analytics.

CySA+ is distinctive in its concentration on practical, hands-on skills in cybersecurity. It encompasses key aspects such as threat and vulnerability management, incident response, and the application of security solutions. This focus is especially beneficial for professionals seeking a deep, practical understanding of how to analyze and respond to cybersecurity threats in real-world scenarios.

Furthermore, CySA+ is instrumental in preparing IT professionals for analytical roles in cybersecurity. It is often integrated into cybersecurity career paths, offering a bridge between foundational security knowledge and advanced cybersecurity skills. For those looking to specialize in cybersecurity analysis or seeking to enhance their ability to respond to and mitigate cybersecurity threats, CySA+ provides a rigorous and respected standard of expertise.

The Cloud+ certification is a specialized credential designed for IT professionals working with cloud computing technology. It is recognized for its comprehensive approach to covering all key aspects of cloud technology, making it a suitable choice for those looking to establish or advance their career in cloud computing.

Cloud+ stands out for its focus on practical and hands-on skills related to cloud infrastructure. It covers a wide range of cloud-related topics, including cloud deployment, security, management, and troubleshooting. This broad scope is particularly advantageous for professionals seeking to gain a thorough understanding of cloud technologies and their application in various environments.

In addition, Cloud+ plays a significant role in the professional development of IT personnel in the cloud computing domain. It is often considered a crucial certification for those aspiring to roles involving cloud technology management and operations. For individuals aiming to demonstrate their competency in cloud computing or to deepen their knowledge in this rapidly evolving field, Cloud+ offers a robust and comprehensive benchmark of skills and knowledge.

The PenTest+ certification is a specialized credential designed for cybersecurity professionals focusing on penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. This certification is widely recognized for its emphasis on the latest techniques and methodologies in ethical hacking, making it an ideal choice for those aspiring to excel in the field of offensive cybersecurity.

PenTest+ uniquely covers a range of topics critical to penetration testing, such as planning and scoping, information gathering, attack and exploitation techniques, and reporting and communication. This comprehensive approach is especially valuable for professionals who wish to gain expertise in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in various IT environments.

Moreover, PenTest+ is crucial for those pursuing a career in ethical hacking or vulnerability management. It is often a key component in the career progression of cybersecurity professionals, bridging foundational security knowledge with the specialized skills required for advanced offensive security roles. For individuals aiming to specialize in penetration testing or seeking to validate their skills in this demanding area of cybersecurity, PenTest+ provides a rigorous and respected standard, highlighting their expertise in proactive security measures.

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