Step into the dynamic world of ethical hacking with the CompTIA PenTest+ certification. Designed for IT professionals seeking to specialize in penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, this certification is perfect for those aiming to master the art of proactive cybersecurity.

The CompTIA PenTest+ curriculum covers a broad range of topics essential for successful penetration testing. It includes thorough training in planning and scoping an assessment, understanding legal and compliance requirements, conducting vulnerability scanning, and exploiting network, application, and physical vulnerabilities. This certification emphasizes a hands-on, practical approach, equipping candidates with the skills needed to effectively identify, report, and manage vulnerabilities in a network.

Ideal for roles such as penetration testers, vulnerability testers, security analysts, or cybersecurity specialists, PenTest+ offers a comprehensive insight into the techniques and tools used in ethical hacking. It prepares professionals for the challenges of identifying and addressing security weaknesses in various IT environments.

The average salary for CompTIA PentTest+ certified professionals in the United States.
Source: ZipRecruiter
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