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IT Support Specialist

An IT Support Specialist is responsible for installing software, preparing computer workspaces, and addressing daily technical problems.

Median National Salary*: $49,770

Annual Job Postings*: 380,100+

Job Growth Above Natl Avg*: 28%

Network Specialist

A Network Specialist manages and maintains the company's internal servers, desktop computers, and other network-connected devices.

Median National Salary*: $80,600

Annual Job Postings*: 135,900+

Job Growth Above Natl Avg*: 3%

Cybersecurity Specialist

A Cybersecurity Professional identifies vulnerabilities, monitors for cyber threats, and enacts protective measures within an organization.

Median National Salary*: $102,600

Annual Job Postings*: 189,100+

Job Growth Above Natl Avg*: 253%

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